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Why Should YOU invest in the Chamber?

Your participation in the Area Chamber of Commerce is an investment in the future growth of the area, from which you benefit. You are a citizen of the Fremont Area, doing business in the area, making your livelihood here, and in general sharing in it's prosperity. Investing in the Chamber is a legitimate part of your cost of doing business and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax deductible investment. A membership plaque lets others know you support the community and they can do the same by buying from you.  The Chamber publishes a newsletter that keeps you informed of events in the town. It also provides an opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and fellowship with your peers in the business community at the meetings.

 The Chamber is an information center that answers questions and forwards information concerning all facets of Fremont from business, products, new comers, services, retail & tourism, as well as demographic information. The office maintains a database of chamber member’s addresses, phone numbers, business categories, and number of employees and recommends the service of its members.

Benefits of being a Chamber member