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Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce's Featured Business Cardinal IG

Here's a story about a glass company from right here in Fremont.

You might not have heard of them, but it's likely you've seen their windows in yours or a friend's home.

Cardinal IG is this week's Locally Made Monday report.

Cardinal IG isn't just making windows.

It produces dual-pane windows filled with argon gas, which could result in big energy savings for you.

Cardinal Glass Industries is North America's largest residential glass manufacturer.

In 1998, it opened a factory in Fremont to produce insulating glass.

"An insulating glass unit is a dual pane system where we fabricate a steel spacer system for longevity. We put a dual sealant on it, a silicone and a polyisobutylene, two lights of glass, one being a low emissivity coating, and the other clear, and we fill it with argon gas, which gives homes maximum energy efficiency,” plant manager Jim Devaney says.

Other companies make it-

"But nobody is as large or as efficient as cardinal is in this particular product,” Devaney says.

You might have their windows in your home and not even know it.

But manufacturers and home builders know cardinal quite well.

"We sell exclusively to premier window manufacturers- both national companies and here locally,” Devaney says.

In recent years the window has opened for sales into Canada.

"We have grown in Canada significantly say over the last five years or so. They have recognized that our products are the best in the world and most energy efficient, and certainly with the climate up there, it's been received well,” Devaney says.

Many of its 225 employees take and cut the pre-made glass- before sealing, gassing, glazing, and preparing for shipping.

Devaney says the industry is expected to grow nearly fifty percent over the next five years.

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